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Aran Crafts

Aran Crafts Women's Cable Knit Wool Herringbone Shawl Hood Coat (HD4872-MED-PUR)

Aran Crafts Women's Cable Knit Wool Herringbone Shawl Hood Coat (HD4872-MED-PUR)

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Brand: Aran Crafts

Color: Purple Mix


  • SLEEK AND UNIQUE: The Aran Crafts Shawl Collar Hooded Cardigan is not only cozy and warm, but is also designed to make a statement. With two insert pockets, side slits and a shawl collar that goes up into a hood, this cardigan is great for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Practical, fashionable, and traditional Irish fashion at it's finest.
  • GEOMETRIC STITCHING: By utilizing the traditional herringbone stitch, this cardigan features a chic and aesthetically pleasing pattern. The geometric "V" pattern of herringbone transfers directly over to the other side, making it the perfect option for a shawl collar. When the shawl collar is folded over, the stitching flows effortlessly on both sides.
  • WEAR THE TRADITION: This stylish piece of clothing is reminiscent of days gone by, believed to bring luck, success, and health to the wearer. Aran Crafts tells a story of a long-treasured history of traditional Irish craft embedded in each stitch and fiber. Appreciate the craftsmanship and pride in every piece. We put in the time, effort, and detail to make sure we deliver a quality product.
  • BEAUTIFUL & COMFORTABLE: Made from the highest quality Merino Wool, this stylish garment is the perfect way to wear a piece of Ireland wherever you go. Customers around the world appreciate the workmanship, technique, and hand detail that is stitched in every piece. No need to sacrifice beauty or comfort when choosing one of our designs. With great design and comfort, this stylish authentic garment will keep you warm and fashionable all year round.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do not machine wash. To best care for your woolen garment, we recommend hand washing in cold water in a sink or basin. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes with wool detergent, gently squeeze the suds out (do not rub, twist, or wring), and rinse in clear, cold water. Pull carefully to shape. Always dry flat and never put in a tumble drier. The Golden Rule for caring for a wool garment is to wash it as seldom as possible and air frequently.

Binding: Apparel

model number: HD4872-MED-PUR

Part Number: HD4872-MED-PUR

Details: For Centuries Irish Fishermen in the Aran Islands have appreciated the wonderful qualities of wool. Using this wonderful raw material they created a style of knitting and knitwear that is still recognized and prized today. Intimately linked to families and their identities, the patterns used have long held symbolism and some of which represent: The Cable stitch representing the fisherman's ropes. The Diamond stitch represents the small fields of the Aran Islands. The Moss stitch represents the seaweed used to fertilize fields for a good harvest. Merino Wool has a quality that other wools do not. Merino wool is prized for its luxurious hand feel. This is due to the fine diameter of the wool fibers that make up the yarn. The result is a wool that is soft and pleasant to the touch and to wear. Aran garments are deeply entrenched in Irish heritage, originally designed to protect the wearer while out at work. Now, they are a stylish piece of clothing reminiscent of days gone by. Irish knitwears from Aran Crafts are designed and created using traditional Aran stitches to bring you an authentic piece of Irish clothing, perfect for any occasion. Our selection of Irishwear includes the classic Aran crew neck sweater, Aran Fisherman sweater, Aran buttoned cardigans, Aran jackets, and Irish roll neck sweaters designed to suit every personal taste. Available in a number of popular and eye-catching colors, browse our collection of Aran Knitwear to find your perfect fit. We hope that you will enjoy and treasure the quality product that you are purchasing.

EAN: 5397194023140

Package Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.2 x 3.3 inches

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